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NRTN 2.88
by Prawdziwy

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NRTN 2.88
<center><font color="red">DOWNLOAD NEW CLIENT OR U WILL HAVE DEBUGS! <a href="">> CLICK HERE <</a></font></center>
<center><font color="red">SERVER WILL BE OFFLINE FROM 19:10-19:20</font></center>
- Frog is fixed now(Previously u can use it with snake)
- Quantity in item shop.
- Shino now have only 1 summon(with same dmg like 3)
- Karin can heal only a players with similiar lvl to her
- Now if u can't attack player u can walk through him
- 3 new monsters(new respawn)
- Rework of page Maps in website
- Added new tsunade mission
- Added "Informations" in game
- The Easter Bunny came to Konoha (Easter eggs fall out of all the monsters)
- New described events(Santa Claus,Easter Bunny)
- Field "Saga" in characters under Residence
- Fixed Jiraiya respawn
- Fixed pushing in trains
- Fix of doors(Monsters were blocked on doors)
21.04.19 19:08:01
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on 21.04.19 19:24:30


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