PLAYERS: 203/400
Ots Wygrany By Bongo (Level 13126)
Ots Wygrany By Kellyshii (Level 15271)
Hit Me (Level 12474)

autoloot NRTN
The Autoloot system is helping players in looting.

Check items on your autoloot list
!autoloot add, item_name
Add item to your autoloot list
!autoloot remove, item_name
Remove item from your autoloot list
!autoloot clear
Clear your autoloot list
!autoloot gold
Turn autoloot to pickup money
!autoloot power
Turn on/off your autoloot
!autoloot debug
If you have any bug u can try this command
!autoloot debug2
If you have any bug and u can fix it with normal debug u can try this command

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