PLAYERS: 62/400
Predator The God (Level 9439)
Giorno Giovanna (Level 9548)
Churrasco (Level 8844)
1x furniture package
Points: 10
8 points

shopsystemold NRTN
PointsPictureDescriptionSelect product
31x Upgrade Stone (3 points)
10% Upgrade Item
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241x Perfect Upgrade Stone (24 points)
100% Upgrade Item
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301x Mystic Upgrade Stone (30 points)
30% for upgrade but u can upgrade item even to +12. upgrade level won't go lower than 9.
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201x Casino Coin (20 points)
No description
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241x Ultimate Soldier Pill (24 points)
No description
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321x MC Ticket (32 points)
After use, you can log in with more than 1 character on 1 account. Each additional ticket gives you +1 character more to log in.
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241x Chakra Protection Amulet (24 points)
Forever AOL
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481x weapon exchanger (48 points)
You can exchange your weapon for another from same sort.(EXAMPLE: Frog Sword -> Frog Glovers)
If you want more informations click HERE
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361x daily news paper (36 points)
You don't like your daily mission? you can reroll it!
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601x pet reseter (60 points)
With this item you can reset your pet. You cant use it more than two times!
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1201x character changer (120 points)
Item what changing your character to a random one.
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