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Change logs
Currently 30 change logs in total.

FixServer26.05.2021Issue with immortality in zetsu event.
ChangeServer23.05.2021Crafting change from 15 spiritual to 5 in nature items.
ChangeServer23.05.2021Increased drop rate from Rikudou Worlds.
FixServer11.05.2021Cho Tsuuga and Cho Garouga jutsu issues.
FixServer11.05.2021Horus issue with someone inside.
ChangeServer9.05.2021Boost of drop from fairy guardian.
ChangeServer9.05.2021Boost of drop in rikudou worlds.
ChangeServer5.05.2021Now you skill faster attack speed.
AddServer4.05.2021When you create new character, you have a possibility to click random button which draw your random shinobi.
AddServer3.05.2021Now after new changes in changelog server will broadcast it.
ChangeServer3.05.2021Horus and Minotaur have more hp.
ChangeServer3.05.2021Horus now give you exhaust for 6 hours, not 12.
FixServer2.05.2021Kage no Hari jutsu cooldown issue.
FixServer2.05.2021Small issue with training weights and raiton dummy.
ChangeServer2.05.2021Hot springs new maximum regain for new session is 8 hours, per 1 tile you gain 10 minutes instead of 30, so you will run here more time.
ChangeServer1.05.2021Now when u are offline, your stamina regenerating.(if you have more than 40 hours of stamina then you gain 50%, if lower than 40 but more than 24 then 100% if lower than 24 u gain 200%.)
ChangeServer1.05.2021Dist now dealing 10% lower than Melee with Magic.
ChangeServer1.05.2021Sasuke now deal 15%x3 with his special and lee with buff dealing 20% more with melee.
ChangeServer1.05.2021Now psycho broadcasts only appearing on mega rare item(like naruto sage mode coat or psycho shield).
FixServer27.04.2021Special pills now properly healing for 40 hp%/40 mp%.
ChangeServer27.04.2021Command !expbox is changed to !boosts and now show also remaining seconds of drop box.
FixServer26.04.2021Daily now works properly.
FixServer26.04.2021Karin special cooldown issue.
ChangeServer25.04.2021Yamato special got split on 2 spells.
FixServer25.04.2021When you lose house your items going back to depot.
ChangeServer25.04.2021Now absorb is working better on monsters than on players.
ChangeServer25.04.2021Now when you die you regenerate random amount 10-50 minutes of stamina.
ChangeServer25.04.2021Psycho monsters now dealing a lot of lower damage.
ChangeServer24.04.2021Cave entrance with ultimate soldier pill quest got another place.
FixServer24.04.2021Now you cant attack with area spells monsters what you should not be able to attack.
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