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stamina NRTN

Informations what is Stamina
All players by default have 42 hours of stamina and same amount of maximum. U losing it when gain experience, by each minute.

How to gain Stamina?
There are few ways to gain stamina, there are some of them:
- Use a Stamina Doll, u can obtain it from sms shop or quests or rikudou worlds.
- Switch off stamina, and one for 2 minutes u will gain 1 minute of stamina.
- When u are offline, your stamina regenerating.(if you have more than 40 hours of stamina then you gain 50%, if lower than 40 but more than 24 then 100% if lower than 24 u gain 200%.)
- On hot springs, you can daily renew 8 hours of stamina.

Informations about experience
When u have more than 40 hours your exp is multiplied by 50%, else if u have lower stamina than 14 hours you getting only 50% of exp.

Commands for Stamina
- !stamina - You can check your actual stamina time.
- !stamina on/off - You can temporarily switch your stamina off, you will not gain experience from monsters but your stamina will recover once for hour.