PLAYERS: 204/400
Przytorowiec (Level 12157)
Nnw To Syf Ots (Level 12220)
Nnw Zdechlak Ots (Level 11810)

commands NRTN
Shows your actual saga
Tells you who have the same saga as you
Shows all your jutsu with level, chakra required
List of all online players
!deathlist NICKNAME
Shows deathlist of NICKNAME
!hp/!mp normal/percent
Change your hp to normal/percent
Shows frags from today,week,month
Buying aol for 1cc
Buying backpack for 1cc
Buying 100 Soldier Pills for 1cc
Buying Blesses for 50cc
If used against house door which owner is offline for atleast 2 weeks you can take over someones house

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