PLAYERS: 144/400
Nakurwiam Salto (Level 8168)
Toniezlyopornaotsie (Level 10476)
Vix (Level 8000)

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PointsPictureDescriptionSelect product
2161x Upgrade Box (216 points)
9x Perfect Upgrade Stone
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201x exp box (20 points)
Bonus EXP
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241x Skin Box (24 points)
No description
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201x Sword Box (20 points)
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201x Glove Box (20 points)
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201x Distance Box (20 points)
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61x Cash Box (6 points)
2-10 CC
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121x Clothes Box (12 points)
5 random piece of clothes
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81x Leaf Box (8 points)
25 random leafs(without last)
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51x Pet Parts Box (5 points)
Chance to get from 50 to 100 pet parts.
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